Pilates is a type of exercise, with the main aim to strengthen the whole body and increasing the range of movement through the body. Pilates focuses on movements, starting with the activation of a strong core and building from there, increasing strength of legs, gluteus muscles and arms. Pilates is a low load bearing activity, this means that it is unlikely to be the cause of injury. Pilates focuses on using the correct technique and overall strengthening to improve posture and reducing the occurrence of postural problems.

Benefits on the body

The benefits of Pilates are that it strengthens the whole body starting with working the core to perform movements that help strengthen arms, legs and glutes. By working the core with low stress on the lower back this helps to move the back in a controlled manner which helps to reduce back pain.  Many studies have been published to support the benefits of Pilates on back pain as it strengthens the core and back muscles this can be effective on acute (recent) and chronic (long term) problems. Pilates also helps to improve flexibility, balance and strength which also helps to reduce the risk of injury. Pilates helps to improve posture with overall strengthening and toning with emphasis on technique and this will also help any postural problems that you may be suffering from.

Who is pilates for?

As Pilates is a low load exercise, it means that it is aimed at all ages and abilities as the classes are suited to each member, Pilates are for all ability and fitness, from beginners to pro athletes.

It is also for people who suffer with back pain, the benefits of building and strengthening the core muscles, the exercise and movement that pilates entails means that it is great for reducing back pains and by maintaining the strength by doing pilates it will help the back pain to stay away.

Our Classes

– General Pilates –

These classes focus on Strengthening and toning the whole body starting with the core and then moving onto the legs, bum and arms. These classes are for beginners to athletes. The classes are for exercise and helping to improve posture, strength, mobility, balance and flexibility.

– Young at heart –
These classes are for our over 55 clients to help strengthen and tone the whole body, these classes are low load baring and very beneficial for the whole body. The Pilates instructor will tailor the class to your needs/goals so that you can get the most out of the class as possible.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am – 11am Full Spaces (Advanced) Spaces (Over 55s)
11am – noon Spaces (General)
1:30pm – 2:30pm Full
6pm – 7pm Spaces (Advanced) Spaces (General) Full
7pm – 8pm Full Full

Pilates Costs

General Classes – £7.50

Young at heart – £6.50

Private Classes – £25.00

Classes can be added due to popularity, so keep an eye out for new classes on here or like our Facebook page @ Pilates with Chloe for any updates or spare places in our classes.

‘Pilates not painkillers the best cure for backache’ Chris Smyth, 03-02-17 The Times